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Scene Hairstyles For Scene Kids and Teens

If you have seen kids out in the street with different types of hair styles and colors, there is a good chance that you are looking at a scene kid or teen. In this article, we will look at the hairstyle choices that many youngsters, especially scene kids, are choosing.

My friend Laura phoned me the other day in hysterics. Her daughter, Sarah, had just walked in the door with her hair heavily teased and streaked in different shades of purple and pink.

Laura, knowing that I keep up with the youth movement, asked: "What is going on with these kids. Why would Sarah do this with her hair? She was such a pretty girl and now look!"

"Laura," I said, "You must calm down. This look is becoming more and more common with kids and teens these days. It is part of what is called being a scene kid."

"Well," Laura declared, "I simply do not like it!"

Laura is not alone as many parents are shocked when their child embraces the scene movement and begins to st…

Low Stress Camping With Kids And Teens

Does the thought of camping with your kids stress you out? Do you find yourself dreading family trips with your kids? Wouldn't it be nice to relax and de-stress on the weekend instead of getting even more wound-up?

Camping with our kids and teens can sometimes be a struggle.

Somewhere in our minds, we have programmed ourselves to force our children to enjoy nature. We want them to appreciate all the beauty and wildlife especially when we live in urban areas and we don't see those things everyday.

We plan our meals to be the foods that our kids will eat, not so much what we like ourselves. Only to have them put their noses into the air and say they aren't hungry. We try so hard to make the whole experience fun for our kids that we become frustrated when it fails.

The harder we try to force them to enjoy and appreciate, they fight us. They put on their pouty faces and complain and mope around, determined to not have a good time. All the while, you as the parent are ready to expl…

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As a wise shopper,…